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COVID-19: Keeping Our Customers Informed

Conley Printing is proud to be your printer of choice. 

As your print provider we feel we have a responsibility to attempt to make every endeavor to provide our customers with continued printing services in the face of a potential health situation with COVID-19. 

Conley Printing's success in this endeavor is subject to several things including: 
1)    Paper Vendors ability to ship paper
2)    UPS and freight lines ability to continue delivery services
3)    Vendors ability to continue outside services 
4)    Customers not entering Conley Printing while sick or ailing 
5)    Employees maintaining a high-level discipline to protect themselves
6)    Minimizing exposure during working hours

With confirmed cases of COVID-19 now in Abilene, Conley Printing is immediately implementing the following steps in an attempt to do our part in mitigating exposure to the virus for both you and our employees:

1)    Conley Printing is suspending outside sales by salesmen

    a)     Salesmen will continue making sales calls through phone and email.
    b)    Our phone lines are available 8-5 M-F
    c)    Our online ordering is available for reprints at
    d)    New orders can also be ordered online if copy is provided. 

2)    Conley Printing is limiting our delivery services, due to the delays our delivery driver is experiencing while trying to deliver, because of safety precautions in place at businesses.

We need help from our customers in this matter as we are now able to deliver about 1/3 of the deliveries we were making prior to COVID-19 in a day.  

    a)    Curbside Pickup will be available at our storefront as an option for receiving your printing with a minimum exposure to yourself and to our office. 
    Simply call 325-675-5500 for someone to bring your printing to your car.
    b)    UPS can and will be used as an option for persons needing their product shipped, with the shipping being a billable service.

3)     Conley Printing is temporarily suspending the following walk-in services until the threat of COVID-19 has been mitigated:

    a)     Copy business
    b)     Fax services

These actions are being implemented strategically to keep our employees safe and to nullify the chances of our employees being a potential carrier of the virus into 200+ offices per week plus our own office. Please be mindful as we print for several hospitals, clinics and doctor offices, so exposure is a real concern. As a manufacturer we have a responsibility to our community. 

We regret the inconvenience these changes will cause any of our clients; however, we would rather inconvenience a few customers for a short period of time than have a closed facility affecting over 750 businesses for several weeks because we were not proactive in our efforts to keep the presses rolling for everyone relying on us to keep their business moving and open. 

Thank you, 

Dean Conley
Conley Printing Company